Lint Alert

The LintAlert® is a smart, home safety device that monitors and displays the back pressure levels found in the exhaust conduit of your dryer. The more lights that are displayed, the more energy you are wasting. LintAlert is exclusively available in the Lincoln area from The Dryer Vent Dude. Ask about our free installation!

The LintAlert® features an innovative and responsive digital pressure sensor. Coupled with a programmable integrated circuit, the device can determine if your dryer is ON, and what levels of pressure exist. When the pressure reaches an unsafe level, the alarm state will activate, indicating maintenance is required. The alarm state is displayed as: LED light bar flashes on and off alternating with blue logo, with buzzer beeping. Prior to the alarm state, a slow progression of the LED Blockage Indicator will display fractional build-up.

Disguised as a simple night light and pass through plug, the LintAlert exhibits a steady blue light under normal operation. Because electrical outlets are generally at a minimum in the laundry room, a convenient pass through terminal is provided and is sufficient to carry a maximum of 15 amps. Works on all dryers except those with dual motor technology and dryers that share exhaust systems like occasionally found in high-rise structures.




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