Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

  • Your clothes aren't dry. You set your dryer to the same time you always did and now, you have to run the dryer again (and possibly yet again) just to get them dry.
  • Your clothes are very hot. You reach in the dryer, the clothes are dry but they are extremely hot . . . so hot you do NOT want to touch the rivets on your jeans,
  • Your clothes don't look as nice coming out of the dryer as they used to. You haven't done anything differently but now you are trying to figure out where you put that iron . . . 
  • Your energy bills are higher. Granted, they raised the rates but, you your usage is higher . . . that is not a good situation.

Usually it’s not your dryer . . . it’s your vent and ducts making your dryer work harder and less efficiently.

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The Dryer Vent Dude handles dryer vent cleaning, vent issues and more for single and multi-family dwellings. Let us tame that clothing mangling monster into the mild-mannered, helpful appliance it was meant to be.



A normal size load of laundry has 4 to 8 lbs. of water to remove and in order for this moisture to be removed, proper air flow is needed.

Problems that occur with your clothes dryer:

1. The vent system for dryer is partially or fully plugged.

2. The vent hose from dryer to outside termination is bent, smashed or too long.

3. These issues cause your dryer to run longer making your utility bills higher; also causing wear and tear on your dryer and your clothing.

4. Most drying loads take 30-50 minutes, any longer can mean a potential problem.

5. White vinyl hose on the back of the dryer is a fire hazard.  Call me for immediate replacement .